Ensures that students are prepared and able to succeed and lead locally and globally.
Amaranth Designs has collaborated with Pasadena Unified School District not only on district branding, but specific middle, elementary and high school branding. Establishing a wide color pallet as well as consistent graphics, visuals and messaging created a strong brand that was easily administered with the use of templates and allowed schools to showcase their school culture and diversity within those brand standards. This brochure was created as a district-wide general information piece for parents as well as community stake-holders.  Produced in both English and Spanish language. The brand included direct mail, e-newsletters, school event materials and signage
Committed to Nashville
Amaranth Designs is committed to giving back and making a difference in the Nashville and surrounding communities where we live and work.

We support and collaborate with many local non-profit organizations to help elevate their brand and marketing efforts.
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