An independent charitable foundation dedicated to enriching the lives of older adults in the Middle Tennessee community.
The West End Home Foundation, founded in 1891 has had a rich history of helping older adults. They asked Amaranth Designs to update and refresh their well-established, historical brand and include the iconic flame inspired from a stain glass window in the original home for women. (see previous logo at bottom) They wanted a strong mark that looked to the past as well as to the future. We developed a bright color pallet that reflected the colors in a flame and stylized the flame shapes. The logo is often side by side with other organization logos and stands out with its simplicity and bold colors. The brand included collateral, event materials and website design.
Committed to Nashville
Amaranth Designs is committed to giving back and making a difference in the Nashville and surrounding communities where we live and work.

We support and collaborate with many local non-profit organizations to help elevate their brand and marketing efforts.
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